Isotec has identified the following market segment, as its primary focus in the Petrochemical, Mining and Power generation sectors.

We provide the following Services:

  • General Steel work.
  • Structural steel and supports.
  • On-site installation of non-pressure and pressurized equipment.
  • Shop fabrication of pressurized system (Piping)
  • Welding/ Mechanical service and solutions.


Isotec employees a number of reputable firms to execute non-core business, notably:

Inspection Services for statutory quality control, and a heat treatment specialist for process and post weld heat treatment.

All our welders are qualified in accordance with ASME IX and are experienced in the application of fabrication codes ASME VIIIDIV 1 & 2.



Through our journey and in recognition our success, Isotec have been awarded the following accolades:

  • First Prize winner in the NAES Youth Enterprise development 2019.